Visually powerful and well-planned interior spaces Inspiring from the outside, harmonious from within!

Founded in Tbilisi in 2006, the studio takes a tailored visionary and multidisciplinary approach for each client. Our strongly recognizable identity is based on experimentation, citations, and clever use of material details. Design avenue’s projects are characterized by their emotional and aesthetic impact, melding rigor with vision on the pursuit to create inspiring places with a powerful visual impact.

Who we are

Interior Designers

Our team of interior designers are driven with a passion for creating inspiring spaces and internationally gained expertise in the field.



Our architects study our customers’ goals and needs for strategic planning to deliver flawless results.


3D Visualizers

To help you through the planning process our 3D Visualizers will put the drawings into reality for you.


Project Managers

Project manager connects the entire team to make the most out of their knowledge, experience and creativity.

Our history

Founded in 2006, it did not take Design Avenue long to lead the industry of interior design and architecture in Tbilisi, Georgia to new higher standards. Design Avenue has managed to stay on top of the market for years with its revolutionary new products and services, that enable people to discover new look and possibilities.

The company has several directions: furniture, ceramics, sanitary ware, doors, parquet, kitchens, lightening, wallcoverings, carpets, curtains along with the design studio with internationally trained staff. Design Avenue offers all-inclusive service, delivering complete projects for single apartments, villas, residences, hotels, restaurants etc.

Quality is our key to success. All our products are provided by the trustworthy partner companies. Our team of professionals is always ready to offer an advice. Make sure you visit Design Avenue before making a decision!

Our contacts

Address: 15 Kandelaki str., Tbilisi 0160, Georgia